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Four ways Dulux PC can help you create the right coatings specification

Four ways Dulux PC can help you create the right coatings specification

If you are an engineer, specifier or architect, you’ll know that accurate specifications are a big factor in a project's success. Choosing the right coatings is vital to the long term protection of any asset, and can help build lasting credibility with your clients.

Fortunately, the national team at Dulux Protective Coatings is here to help you extend the life of assets and reduce maintenance costs. Our technical experts are located all over Australia and New Zealand, offering advice and support that is tailored to your project.

From mine sites to marine and coastal environments to major transport infrastructure, here's how we can help you deliver the right coatings solution:


  1. Tailored specifications

Dulux PC’s national team of coatings specialists are specification experts. To provide robust protection for your asset, they will tailor a specification that takes into account:

  • The environment: is it in a harsh coastal setting, located fully or partially under water, or subject to corrosion, chemicals or UV exposure?
  • The substrate: how old is the substrate and what condition is it in?
  • The location, industry and use: is the asset in a setting where graffiti protection or low VOC is important? Is it a commercial or industrial asset that needs to be returned to service quickly?
  • The desired finish: do you require a particular colour or a high gloss or matt finish?

“Clients value our ability to tailor systems to their unique environments, which can include extreme temperatures, high UV ratings and chemical exposure,” says Dulux PC NSW Business Development Executive Adam Hockey.

Check out these recent examples of our tailored specifications:


  1. Expert application support

Dulux PC’s coatings experts take a hands-on approach to every coatings system.

“We’re often on site, providing surface preparation and application advice. We support applicators to achieve the high standards of asset protection that owners expect,” explains Adam.

“We also work closely with applicators to deliver the right product quantities on time and in full, ensuring project timelines are met.”

Our Australian manufacturing facilities proved particularly valuable during COVID-19, enabling us to continue supplying products to tight project timelines.

Here are some great examples of Dulux PC's proactive application support:


  1. Vast product range

From single pack primers and topcoats to fluoropolymers, floor coatings, high performance epoxies and micaceous oxide (MIO) coatings, our world class technologies can protect practically any asset.

Our coatings are designed for Australasian conditions, offering strategic protection from corrosion, chemical attack, graffiti, abrasion and extremes of UV radiation. Other specialties include heat resistant and intumescent (steel) coatings and coatings designed for chemical immersion and potable water storage.

We have solutions for manufacturing, power and water treatment plants, as well as mines, offshore structures, pipelines, urban art and heavy machinery equipment.

See our coatings products in action:


  1. Customised colours

Dulux Protective Coatings offers asset owners an unrivalled colour selection across the Dulux World of Colour and Australian Standard Colours, as well as our Quantum® FX and MIO colours.

Architects and specifiers can easily add material, colour and specification information for more than 6,500 colours to Revit and Archicad models with Dulux BIM Solutions.

See how we bring colours to life across a wide range of assets:


Would you value tailored specification, application support or help to realise a customised colour on your next asset protection project? Contact the experts at Dulux Protective Coatings today.

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