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Laverton's urban artwork gets a new lease on life

Laverton's urban artwork gets a new lease on life

‘Reunion’ is a stunning urban artwork outside Laverton Train Station in Melbourne’s west. Part of a Victorian Government initiative to transform spaces around train stations into vibrant, safe and attractive community hubs, the emerald green sculpture was created by Victorian artist, Grant Finck and installed in 2011.

Standing 5.5 metres high, Reunion was created using steel and glass fibre reinforced resin. Two great double ended pod-shaped orbs of steel and reinforced polyester resin twist and wrap around each other, producing a simple yet striking form.

Part of Reunion’s appeal lies in its bold green finish.

“The colour green was carefully chosen to enhance the sculpture’s shape and project a cheerful, bright and soothing presence,” explains Grant.

Almost 10 years after it was installed, Reunion was no longer looking its best. Like many public artworks, it had been the target of graffiti, and removal via sandblasting had left imperfections on its surface. Meanwhile, standing unprotected in all weather had reduced the lustre of the sculpture’s original coating.

Hobson’s Bay City Council wanted Reunion restored to its original condition, with the artist overseeing the re-painting process.

Re-coating a work of art that’s such an unusual shape and colour was no easy task. The unique substrate – fibreglass and ferro resin – added to the challenge.

With experience on similarly complex projects, Dulux Protective Coatings was selected to provide a coatings system that would deliver the desired results.

Durebild STE was spray applied first. This versatile surface tolerant epoxy coating helps hide imperfections, so it was the ideal choice,” explains Dulux PC’s Vic Sales Manager, Steve Kraljevic.
Quantum FX was then spray applied as a topcoat and a final clear coat.

Quantum FX is a premium quality, two-pack polyurethane with a spectacular metallic sparkle and semi gloss finish. It offers 60 brilliant colours, with the chosen green (FX40/032 Miri) selected in consultation with the artist.

All coatings products were supplied by Dulux Trade Centre Sunshine and Dulux Trade Centre Traralgon.

The applicators at Pro Blast Victoria managed a range of challenges on this unique project.

“We had pedestrian traffic, two large car parks either side of the job and the sculpture was in an exposed area,” explains Pro Blast Victoria’s Clint Doolan. “We used a versatile layer scaffolding system to get where we needed to around the sculpture.”

The scaffold frame effectively encapsulated the work area. This contained all the dust and overspray, protected the carpark, pedestrian area and other nearby government assets, and also protected the repair and coatings processes from the weather.

A strong partnership between Pro Blast Victoria and Dulux Protective Coatings ensured Reunion was restored to its original glory.

“Working with Dulux PC reps was really helpful,” says Clint. “They went above and beyond and were really good to deal with. They came out and helped when needed.”

Reunion is now set to inspire and delight Laverton’s commuters for many years to come.

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