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Duration: the perfect low VOC solution for repaints in busy public places

Duration: the perfect low VOC solution for repaints in busy public places

Paint that is blistering, cracking, fading and peeling will ruin the good looks of any store facade. For Rowes Furniture Store, a cherished icon of Toowoomba since 1892, a flawless finish is a must. That’s because the 40-metre wide storefront doubles as an enormous canvas for the spectacular light shows that accompany the city’s calendar of community events.

When planning the repaint, the project manager and applicator were originally looking at a competitor product. Dulux PC Trade Specialists Adam Hollindale and James Booth stepped in to showcase the many features of our high-performance Duration range. It proved to be the superior specification, providing a low maintenance solution that exceeded project requirements.

“Duration offers the long-term protection of a two pack product, but it has the low VOC odour of a water based decorative product,” explains James. “Large retail cladding projects are looking for lower odour, lower VOC options to meet more stringent legislation around smell and volatility of products used in busy public areas.”

Duration X21 was used to prime the surface and provide corrosion protection. Rapid drying, it has a faster re-coat time than traditional solvent two packs. The glossy finish in crisp white was achieved with a topcoat of Duration T74, a two component polyurethane with excellent UV resistance and gloss retention. The classic lettering was painted in Signal Red, which pops against the white for high visibility. The facade now boasts a smooth and gleaming finish, ready for many more years of creative expression from the people of Toowoomba.

"The store owners, project manager and applicator were all very impressed with the easy application and the final result,” James said. “They also appreciated our after sales support.”

Do you need a quick drying, low odour coatings solution for your business? Contact the Dulux PC team for expert advice and a tailored specification.

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