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Protecting steel bridges in Australia's largest road project

Protecting steel bridges in Australia's largest road project

Weathermax HBR MIO has a proven record of protecting New South Wales transport infrastructure. Its toughness is again shining through at the Rozelle Interchange.

While the interchange is being built mostly underground, the project's steel bridges require high performance protection.

Again, Dulux Protective Coatings is proud to help protect major infrastructure. The Rozelle Interchange is part of Sydney's WestConnex motorway network, which is currently Australia’s largest road project.

From Tasmania to Sydney

The bridge components are being fabricated and coated in Tasmania then shipped to the Sydney construction site. Although it was expected some touch-ups would be required after shipping, Weathermax HBR MIO is proving sturdy as ever.

Based in Tasmania, our Protective Coatings Consultant Gregory Marshall worked with local fabricator Haywards Metal and protective coating contractors McElligotts to deliver a coatings solution.

All coatings are applied by airless spray in a workshop. The steel is then carefully packed onto a cargo ship and transported to Rozelle to meet construction timelines. Site repairs are applied by brush, roller and spray if required.

"The steel bridge work is looking fantastic. The care taken by Haywards and McElligotts plus the abrasion protection qualities of Weathermax HBR MIO have meant minimal site repairs have been needed after shipping," Gregory says.

Protecting multiple substrates

Selected in Mid Grey (also known as 'Bridge Grey'), Weathermax HBR MIO can be used to protect mild and galvanised steel, as well as concrete and aluminium. Its flexibility was a major factor in this specification.

"We needed to provide a consistent solution for the multiple substrates on this project. The micaceous iron oxide (MIO) pigment particles interlock in the film to form a barrier against moisture ingress," Gregory explains.

The pigments also act like tiny, shiny mirrors, reflecting UV light. This creates an attractive 'sparkle' effect while protecting the coating from degradation.

A four-product system was designed to deliver long-term durability.

  • Zincanode 402 at 75 microns (dry film thickness) – This economical zinc rich epoxy primer protects steel in harsh corrosive environments.
  • A stripe coating of Duremax GPE at 125 microns – Applied to the edges, welds, fasteners, and other irregular areas, a stripe coat with this versatile epoxy ensured sufficient film build where corrosion attacks first.
  • Duremax GPE MIO at 200 microns – The micaceous iron oxide pigment added enhanced barrier protection for the entire surface.
  • Weathermax HBR MIO at 75 microns – the ideal high performance topcoat.

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