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Why Surfaceshield FP is my anti-graffiti product of choice

Why Surfaceshield FP is my anti-graffiti product of choice

How do you transform a graffiti hot spot into an asset, instead of a burden? Asset owners are increasingly looking to murals to deter vandals and create genuine street appeal. But wall art still requires protection. Dulux Protective Coatings recommends Surfaceshield FP, a clear water-based coating that offers fast application and easy clean-up, and is an alternative to solvent-based coatings that’s better for the environment.

Anti-graffiti product of choice

Surfaceshield FP was a key part of the solution for this Geelong retail store. Commercial and industrial painting group Commcoat used multiple Weathershield colours to create a geometric design, followed by a protective top coat of Surfaceshield FP.

Commcoat director Joel Alstin explains: "Surfaceshield FP is my anti-graffiti product of choice. It leaves a really nice, subtle sheen on the wall. Being water based, it is ideal for clean up and better for the environment."

Application benefits

This low VOC and low odour coating offers trouble-free application in busy public areas such as shopping precincts. It can also be used in areas where ventilation is difficult to achieve.

Surfaceshield FP appears opaque on application, which helps applicators ensure complete coverage, before drying clear.

The wet-on-wet application is a major benefit for both applicators and asset owners. "This product allowed me to top coat Weathershield within a short window. I paint a lot of commercial building facades and this allows the asset to be put back into full use quickly. The opposition products I have previously used were solvent based and didn’t perform as well," Joel says.

A network of support

Commcoat leveraged the excellent support offered by the DuluxGroup, including Territory Manager Sean Thomas and the Geelong West Dulux Trade Centre, backed up by Dulux Protective Coatings Trade Specialist James Davide.

"Sean Thomas and the team at Geelong West DTC have been fantastic with product options, advice and supply," Joel explains.

As well as helping to create a protective solution for this heavily targeted asset, Sean was also on hand with a cleaning strategy.

"Unfortunately, murals do not always completely stop graffiti. But with a waterbased coating, the clean-up makes it easier to remove any tagging," Sean explains.

All about Surfaceshield FP

Surfaceshield FP is a water borne fluoropolymer clear coat that is ideal for use over Dulux decorative coats such as Weathershield and AcraShield. In summary, product benefits include:

  • Water based, low VOC and low odour
  • Can withstand repeated graffiti removal (with correct cleaning process)
  • Wash up easily with water
  • Overcoatable with light abrasion
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Short recoat time with wet on wet application

Get in touch with your local Dulux PC technical expert to find a solution for your next project.

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