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Industrial coatings to protect chemical and mining assets

Industrial coatings to protect chemical and mining assets

Industrial engineers and asset owners are increasingly turning to Dulux Protective Coatings to protect facilities from chemical exposure. For a new rare earths processing facility in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, chemical resistance was essential for 48 large steel tanks. Protective Coatings Consultant Nathan Hines specified three products, all formulated for severe industrial environments:

Protection from all elements

From mobile phones to wind turbines, rare earth minerals are widely used throughout modern technology – but they must first be extracted via chemical processing. While aggressive chemicals were a major factor, environmental threats also loomed large in Nathan's specification. Located near Kalgoorlie, the facility is exposed to variable temperatures, UV exposure and dry air from the neighbouring Nullarbor Plain and Great Victoria Desert.

"The tanks required a protective system that could withstand exposure to powerful chemicals and deliver a long-term aesthetic finish, despite the corrosive natural environment," Nathan explains.

Nathan worked with Polaris Engineering Services to recommend an approach. The Polaris team fabricated and coated the tanks at its headquarters south of Perth before delivering them to Kalgoorlie. The tank interiors are lined with rubber, so our coatings were required for the exteriors only.

Formulated for the toughest environments

Both two-pack epoxy coatings, zinc rich Zincanode 402 and versatile Duremax GPE are often paired together to protect assets at mining and chemical facilities, including offshore structures and oil refineries.

"Applicators love that Zincanode 402 is zinc rich but still economical. As well as offering exceptional corrosion resistance, it is a real time saver. There is no need for a mist coat and it dries rapidly," Nathan explains. In a hot climate, it can be recoated in as little as five hours.

Duremax GPE is suitable for use on steel, galvanising and concrete, is compatible over inorganic zinc and epoxy primers, and can be topcoated with a wide range of coating types.

Tintable in over 5,000 colours, the topcoat of Luxathane HPX was specified in Beige (RAL 1001). It provides steelwork with long term durability in industrial, chemical and marine environments.

"The topcoat of Luxathane HPX added UV resistance, which will help retain gloss and colour. Its ability to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions makes it an excellent anti-corrosion system," Nathan says.

If you need industrial strength protection for your assets, get in touch with the Dulux PC team for a tailored solution.

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