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Product range spotlight: Why applicators, specifiers and asset owners choose Luxafloor for concrete floors

Product range spotlight: Why applicators, specifiers and asset owners choose Luxafloor for concrete floors

Protecting concrete floors inside and out, the Luxafloor® range is trusted by applicators, specifiers and asset owners all over Australia. They choose the Luxafloor product range for systems that provide durability, ease of application, slip resistance and fast return to service.

This premium range of concrete floor coatings offers high performance in a wide range of commercial and industrial settings including office areas, car parks, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, workshops, garages, laboratories, retail areas and showrooms.

First choice for applicators

According to James Davide, Dulux Protective Coatings Trade Specialist, the Luxafloor range is especially popular with applicators.

“Applicators appreciate how easy the products are to apply. Luxafloor products require a simple roll-on application. They are formulated with resins that glide on, making the application process very smooth,” says James.

Slip resistance a huge advantage

With the addition of Luxafloor Aggregates, most Luxafloor coatings can also offer outstanding slip resistance, making them popular in settings where safety is paramount.

“You can achieve varying degrees of slip resistance with Luxafloor Aggregates, depending on the setting and project requirements,” explains James.

Widely available, always consistent

Product quality and availability add to the popularity of the Luxafloor range.

“Luxafloor products are high quality and deliver consistent, reliable performance, which applicators love,” James says.

“They also appreciate that the Luxafloor range is available off the shelf all over Australia. This is a real advantage – applicators can purchase Luxafloor products quickly, no matter where they are located or how urgent the job.”

Durability appeals to specifiers and asset owners

Specifiers and asset owners value Luxafloor’s durability and low maintenance requirement qualities.

“Luxafloor coatings are hard wearing and easy to clean. Our extensive log of projects across Australia attests to Luxafloor’s proven performance across multiple settings,” James says.

“Asset owners understandably want to feel confident that their concrete flooring will stand the test of time. Luxafloor coatings provide that confidence.”

Fast return to service

This is important for many asset owners, who want to reduce the cost and inconvenience of having facilities closed or out of use.

Often paired with the new Luxafloor Primer as part of our ‘fast return to service’ floor coating range, Luxafloor FCF offers incredibly quick dry times, as well as easy application.

“Luxafloor FCF has proven to be enormously popular with asset owners, because of its fast cure time. It helps applicators achieve very tight deadlines and exceed client expectations.”

Spotlight: Dulux Protective Coatings’ Luxafloor range

With its wide selection of concrete flooring products, here are James’ top three from the Luxafloor range:

Luxafloor FCF is a high performance, fast cure floor coating designed to get assets back into service quickly through very short cure times. Luxafloor FCF can be walked on after just two hours and is fully cured in just one day (at 25°C). With excellent gloss and colour retention, Luxafloor FCF performs even under prolonged exterior exposure.

Find out more about Luxafloor FCF.

Luxafloor LGE is a high-solids, high performance epoxy floor coating with excellent durability and chemical resistance against a range of solvents. Luxafloor LGE withstands repeated cleaning and hosing down and even withstands ponding water. Luxafloor LGE is available in all the colours on the LUXAFLOOR® Colour Chart and can be matched to most colours in the Dulux® World of Colour range.

Find out more about Luxafloor LGE

Suitable for interior and exterior use, Luxafloor PTX is a high performance, high build recoatable polyurethane floor coating designed for ease of use and exceptional flow out. Luxafloor PTX offers superior gloss and colour retention, even under extreme UV exposure. It is recommended for heavier traffic areas where there is likely to be increased wear and tear, due to its high build nature.

Find out more about Luxafloor PTX.

Luxafloor in action

See how Luxafloor products are specified across a wide range of assets:

  • In Sydney, the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service hangar floor needed urgent repair, but on this busy coastline, ‘down time’ wasn’t an option. Luxafloor FCF’s fast cure got the job done in record time.
  • A Brisbane icon, Jacob’s Ladder fields around 10,000 pedestrians per day. A custom system of Luxafloor LGE and Luxafloor No.36 Broadcast Aggregate achieved a stunning, non-slip finish while protecting the stairs from ponding water and repeated cleaning.
  • When a Queensland entertainment centre’s floors required rejuvenation, Luxafloor LGE delivered a high performance finish for this high traffic surface.
  • At Darwin Middle School, Luxafloor Luxafloor CP delivered a superior outcome and long-lasting protection for a multi-purpose hall.

Find out more about Dulux Protective Coatings’ Luxafloor range, or get in touch with our coatings experts to find out how Luxafloor could deliver a superior outcome on your next concrete flooring project.

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