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Gleaming Entertainment Centre floors ready for the spotlight!

Gleaming Entertainment Centre floors ready for the spotlight!

Built almost 30 years ago, this Entertainment Centre has since hosted thousands of concerts, circuses, conventions and sporting spectaculars. Even Monster Trucks have charged across the main arena! By early 2019, the weary floors were due for some serious attention.

Together with the application professionals at Bakers & Co, Dulux Protective Coatings' Queensland team James Booth and Brendan Lichtendonk assessed the surface to determine the best approach. Multiple layers of coatings had been previously applied over many years. At risk of flaking or separating, these previous coats could compromise the outcome of a simple re-coat.

"To achieve the desired result, our recommendation was to diamond grind the surface all the way back to the substrate," says James.

Luxafloor LGE epoxy floor coating was the coatings product selected, and after several specifications, a made-to-order 3-coat system was chosen.

The first step was to undertake a test strip and apply 3 coats of Luxafloor LGE epoxy floor coating in made-to-order N53 Blue-Grey. The result was even better than expected, earning an enthusiastic tick of approval from the venue managers. Coating the entire arena floor could now proceed.

“The sheer size of the arena was a challenge,” James reflects. “With little to no expansion joints, we had to divide the area into multiple lengths of cricket pitch size, rolling into each one to keep a wet edge.”

The made-to-order formula made mixing and applying the product easier and faster, while delivery of the product directly to the site sped up project time for the applicators. On-site attendance by Dulux Protective Coatings reps during the application process helped ensure the high-quality result expected by the Entertainment Centre management.

"The project was completed over the Christmas/New Year shutdown. Attending the site across this time meant I was able to provide on-the-spot technical product advice," James says.

Achieving a completely uniform finish and colour was crucial. The audience views the arena from multiple heights and angles. Lighting beams from multiple sources and can be harsh. Durability was just as important. The surface has a high volume of foot traffic and heavy rolling equipment that is moved in and out every weekend for basketball, netball and other events.

Coated on time and on budget, using more than 1000 litres of high-performance Luxafloor LGE, the arena floor is once again gleaming and ready for the spotlight. This high-solids, semi-gloss epoxy coating has excellent durability and, due to its high build characteristics, will protect this heavy traffic area for many performances to come. 

Do you have a hardworking surface that needs a refresh? Contact Dulux Protective Coatings to see what's possible.

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