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Revitalising a Brisbane icon

Revitalising a Brisbane icon

A Brisbane icon, Jacob’s Ladder is an important and busy thoroughfare for around 10,000 pedestrians per day. In the early days of the city, it was simply a steep, dirt track with a handrail, providing a link from Spring Street to the CBD. Post WWI, returned diggers hand poured the concrete steps to build the permanent stairway that is so treasured today.

Tasked with preserving the stairway, the Heritage Department of the local Council reached out to Dulux Protective Coatings to devise a strategy for the first re-coat in over 40 years. The project needed to adhere to the council’s specific heritage procedures to ensure the landmark would not be damaged.

“Due to the nature of the ageing structure, only minimal preparation of the substrate was allowed,” explains Dulux PC Sales Executive, Dave Sinclair. “This meant a diamond grind was out of the question, so the team worked together with the council, applicators and the heritage registry to determine the best process.”

In this instance, Fosroc’s Nitomortar AP was used to remediate the concrete before a first 125 microns coat of Luxafloor LGE was applied. Luxafloor LGE is a high-solids, semi-gloss epoxy that will protect the concrete from ponding water and repeated cleaning of dirt and debris from falling leaves. Luxafloor No.36 Broadcast Aggregate was used with the second 125 microns coat of LGE to create a non-slip finish. This was especially important for all the fitness fanatics who run up the stairs at speed!

A vibrant red 125 microns coat of Quantum V90 created the stunning satin finish that can be spotted all the way from Kangaroo Point. This ultra-premium two-pack fluoropolymer retains gloss and colour in areas of high UV radiation. It also has excellent graffiti resistance and can withstand a busy, high traffic environment due to its outstanding durability.

"Dulux Protective Coatings’s products ensure the vibrant colour will be protected from the various environmental elements and consistent wear,” Dave reports. “We restored the asset to its former glory and ensured it was safe to use.”

Are you involved in heritage restoration? Talk to the Dulux Protective Coatings team about coatings specifications designed to protect and preserve heritage assets.

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