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Luxafloor® FCF

dulux luxafloor fdf - high performance, fast cure floor paint

LUXAFLOOR® FCF is a high performance, fast cure floor coating designed to get assets back into service quickly through very short cure times. LUXAFLOOR® FCF is fully cured in 1 day at 25°C. LUXAFLOOR® FCF exhibits excellent gloss and colour retention under extreme UV exposure. Combining LUXAFLOOR® FCF with LUXAFLOOR® AGGREGATES enables the fast installation of safety compliant slip resistant finishes. 

LUXAFLOOR® FCF is available in White, N35 Light Grey, N53 Blue Grey & Y14 Golden Yellow.


LUXAFLOOR® FCF can be used direct to correctly prepared concrete floors and with LUXAFLOOR® AGGREGATES for slip resistant finishes.


  • Saves time - can be walked on in 2 hours, and full cure in a single day at 25°C
  • Ideal for extremely limited shut down periods


  • Fast cure - recoat in 2 hours at 25°c
  • Fast return to service – full cure 1 day at 25°c
  • Long pot life – 8 hours at 25°c
  • Isocyanate free
  • Excellent gloss & colour retention under UV exposure, making it suitable for interior and exterior application
  • Excellent system when paired with Luxafloor Express Primer

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