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Garage downtime minimised with Luxafloor FCF

Garage downtime minimised with Luxafloor FCF

Offering a premium service to luxury car owners, Adelaide Exclusive Mechanical needed a tough but attractive floor coating for its busy garage. Minimising costly downtime was important, but not at the expense of achieving a durable, high quality finish on the new concrete floor.

Contracted applicators Nemat Painting sought the advice of Adrienne Johnston, Dulux Trade Business Development Manager. Armed with the knowledge of our latest technology in floor coatings, Adrienne recommended Luxafloor FCF.

Luxafloor FCF stands for Fast Curing Flooring coating and this fast cure coating is designed to get assets back to service quickly without compromising on performance. It can be fully cured in one day at 25 degrees, producing a durable, high gloss finish with excellent colour retention, even under UV exposure or harsh lighting.

Dulux collaboration achieves premium service

Adrienne knew Luxafloor FCF was ideal for this time-sensitive project. She had attended a Dulux Protective Coatings training session hosted by James Boswell, our Technical Sales Representative in Adelaide. James gave the trade team an in-depth look at the Luxafloor FCF range, with the opportunity to play around with the product and see the properties first hand.

Adrienne reached out to James to confirm her specification before delivering the stock levels required.

Minimal Downtime

With 150 square feet of new garage floor to coat, including working bays and parking bays, application time was a critical factor in this renovation project. The fast curing time of Luxafloor FCF pushed the entire project ahead of schedule.

Project Manager John Anibaldi explains: “The product dried very quickly and was very hard wearing. We could come in the week after and install car stackers. It allowed us to move on to the next phase of work alleviating the anticipated tight timeframe, pushing the project ahead of schedule.” James adds: “The project team could carry on with minimal disturbance as they only had to wait one day for the floor coating to cure, which ultimately led to the workshop being able to re-open sooner.”

Outstanding Gloss Finish

Owner of Adelaide Exclusive Mechanical, Serge Della Verde maintains a pristine workshop to match his reputation as a prestige operator. The new high gloss finish will not only resist abrasions and resist heat up to 120 degrees, but it can also withstand splashes from solvents, fuels, salts, acids and alkalis.

Thrilled to be able to offer such a winning solution, Adrienne says: “My client was really impressed by the quality, ease of application and finish of the product. They absolutely loved it and will be using it again for other flooring projects.”

For a fast and tough floor coating, get in touch with our specification experts.

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