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Powering the protection for Queensland energy infrastructure

Powering the protection for Queensland energy infrastructure

When South East Queensland’s energy needs are spiking, the region relies on the Oakey Power Station to kick into gear. This 282MW open cycle, dual liquid/gas facility is essential infrastructure that needs to be in top working condition. A high performance coating system is a must, to minimise maintenance and protect against corrosion and extreme UV exposure.

Workhorse combination

Durebild STE and Weathermax HBR were selected for the task, combining to provide excellent barrier protection for the steelwork and excellent gloss and retention of Dulux colour Signal Red.

“Durebild STE and Weathermax HBR are a workhorse combination for heavy industrial assets. Their durability together has been tested in manufacturing and proven over time in real world settings, so specifiers can feel confident their assets will be protected in high UV environments," says James Booth, Dulux Protective Coatings' Trade Specialist.

Service goes the distance

Based in Brisbane, James travelled 170km to provide technical advice and specification support.

"Thanks to our Australian manufacturing, we were able to secure sufficient product on time," James says. "The applicator was happy with our support, the technical information provided and the application and performance characteristics of the products. The results speak for themselves."

Specialist painters, the team from Higgins Coatings used a boom lift to apply a priming coat of Durebild STE followed by spray application of Weathermax HBR, factory packaged in Signal Red.

Brian Guarracino, Business Development Manager at Higgins Coatings confirms the positive review: “A big thank you to our friends at Dulux PC for supplying us with a product that delivers the ultimate protection.”

Protecting steel

Durebild STE is a surface tolerant epoxy developed for Australian and New Zealand conditions. It offers fast drying times when used with Quickturn hardener and can be topcoated with a wide range of coating types, making it the ideal choice for many projects and assisting to reduce asset downtime. In this case, the assets were in service the whole time.

This coating is also perfect for repaint jobs, as it can be applied over a wide range of well adhered and aged coatings.

Other product benefits include:

  • excellent barrier protection for steelwork
  • ideal maintenance coating
  • can help to maintain asset value
  • superior surface wetting properties and corrosion resistance
  • excellent brush and roller characteristics.

Signal Red a sign of lasting colour

Weathermax HBR was spray applied to achieve superior gloss and a striking finish that will stand up to Queensland’s intense year-round sunshine. It is also ideal for local conditions, known for delivering extended service periods in severe industrial and marine environments and in extreme UV exposure.

Features include:

  • excellent brush and roller application
  • can be spray applied up to 125 microns dft in a single coat
  • excellent resistance to most graffiti media and cleaning agents
  • tintable in over 5,000 colours.

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If you need to protect new or existing infrastructure from corrosion and UV exposure, contact Dulux Protective Coatings for a custom coatings solution.

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