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Durebild® STE

DUREBILD® STE is a surface tolerant epoxy developed specifically for Australian and New Zealand conditions.  DUREBILD® STE can be topcoated with a wide range of coating types.  It is available with a Cold Cure hardener for cooler working conditions and Quickturn® hardener for faster dry times.

APAS 2973 & 2973F - assessed and confirmed to meet all requirements on specific certified products. 

Compliant for use in potable water (AS/NZS 4020:2018) when used in conjunction with a certified coating system. 


DUREBILD® STE is used as a high performance maintenance coating over hand tool, power tool or high-pressure water cleaned steel where blasting is impractical or not allowed. The high surface tolerance of DUREBILD® STE makes it suitable for a wide range of substrates. It can also be used for new work and as an intermediate coat. Untinted DUREBILD® STE is suitable for fresh and salt-water immersion over abrasive blast cleaned steel. It provides excellent protection against splash and spillage of a wide range of chemicals.

Available Colours


  • Can be applied over a wide range of well adhered aged coatings
  • Excellent barrier protection for steelwork
  • Ideal maintenance coating 
  • Maintains asset value 


  • Superior surface wetting properties and corrosion resistance
  • High performance surface tolerant maintenance coating
  • Self priming finish available in a wide range of colours
  • Excellent brush and roller characteristics

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