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Metalshield® Etch Primer

METALSHIELD® ETCH PRIMER is a ready-for-use rapid dry etch primer for shop or site application over suitably prepared metal substrates, ready to overcoat in only 10 minutes at 25°C. METALSHIELD® ETCH PRIMER is ideal where high adhesion, fast turn around and single pack convenience are required.


METALSHIELD® ETCH PRIMER can be used over appropriately prepared aluminium, zinc coated steel, stainless steel, mild steel and other non-ferrous metals. Also suitable for application direct to fibreglass surfaces. Intended for application direct to prepared metal surfaces or as a spot primer for exposed metal/fibreglass surfaces only.


  • Ready for use
  • Etches metals for optimum adhesion
  • Protects steel against corrosion in mild environments 
  • Wide range of topcoat types can be used


  • Rapid dry and fast recoat
  • Suitable for priming all ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Suitable for application direct to fibreglass surfaces
  • Touchup spraypacks available

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