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Worn out Dulux Trade Centre floor gets a Luxafloor facelift

Worn out Dulux Trade Centre floor gets a Luxafloor facelift

In Rosebery NSW, the local Dulux Trade Centre (DTC) is a major industrial hub store for supplying Protective Coatings products. Being one of the oldest Trade Centers in the Dulux network, Rosebery DTC had some flooring that was well due for some freshening up.

Lorenzo Caio, Dulux Visual Merchandise Manager, has been leading the refitting of multiple DTC’s across Australia to become new ‘Next Gen’ stores which focus on improving the customer's experience, from dedicated warehouse areas in order to provide more storage, to better showrooms.

“Rosebery DTC has been in the Dulux network since the 70s, with the last 20 years being a Dulux Protective Coatings based store. The store hasn’t had an update since the early 2000s, making it a prime candidate for a Next Gen transformation” says Lorenzo.

The Dulux Trade Stores Fit Out team reached out Greg Scott, Protective Coatings Specialist, for his expert opinion on what coating to use for the concrete floor. Luxafloor® Sealer was then recommended.

Luxafloor Sealer is a water based, clear, acrylic concrete sealer. “I knew this product would deliver the industrial look the fit out team required. It is also easy to use, fast to apply and a little bit goes a long way” explains Greg. It’s suitable for dust proofing and sealing concrete floors, which improves cleaning and creates a gloss finish. “It’s extremely easy to maintain and is easily cleaned after application” adds Greg.

Old flooring? No problem.

Preparing the surface was no easy feat, but Tim Tebbet from New Era Floors tackled the task and ensured that after 4 days of surface preparation, the concrete was in tip-top condition for 3 coats of Luxafloor Sealer.

“This concrete had vinyl tiles over the top, which we had to remove first. When we removed the tiles, we found there was a layer of floor leveller on the concrete.” Tim says. The floor leveller would have been used previously to make the store floor flat. This posed a challenge as the leveller was thicker in one area and thinner in others, meaning that Tim had to keep a keen eye during the grinding process to ensure he was removing all the leveller to uncover the concrete.

Collaboration ensures store refit runs smoothly 

Dulux Trade Territory Managers for NSW & ACT, Luis Carrera and Greg Gawthorne, rolled up their sleeves and assisted Greg Scott with the application.

The first two coats of Luxafloor Sealer were applied on day one, followed by the final coats applied on day two. All coats were applied by roller, with some cutting in brushwork to finish it off. Across the approximate 200m of concrete flooring, the team used roughly 40L for the whole project.

Luis was impressed with the outcome of the product, stating that “once the product started to build in film thickness, I was confident in it”. On uncoated concrete, Luxafloor Sealer is recommended to have 3 coats applied at 15 microns dry film thickness to ensure total film build is met and provides ample protection.

“There was no smell at all” adds Greg Gawthorne. “Luis, Greg (Scott) and I were inside so the fact that there was no smell whatsoever was major.”

“The performance, ease of use and end result gave me a lot of confidence to promote this product within the trade market” says Luis.

Luxafloor® Sealer provides protection and glossy looks

The Dulux Trade Stores Fit Out team are more than happy with the end result. Dulux Trade Stores Fit Out Project Manager, Brad Smith, reports “given the age and challenges of an old flooring substrate, the end result is very impressive”.

“Greg (Scott) has been fantastic” says Lorenzo. “The coating came up really well, and it will be easy for us to clean and maintain in the long run”.

The new rustic look provided by Luxafloor Sealer not only looks fantastic but will provide a barrier between the porous concrete and anything that comes in contact with the coating. Making the surface easier to clean and wipe while providing a glossy finish, the flooring at Rosebery DTC is ready to get back to business.


Do you have a concrete floor that needs protection? Browse our Luxafloor® range and get in touch with our specification experts to find the right product for your project.

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