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Water-safe steel coatings for Home Hill Reservoir

Water-safe steel coatings for Home Hill Reservoir

Storing megalitres of potable water in a steel reservoir is a smart strategy for water security. Even smarter, the Burdekin Shire Council has protected its new five-megalitre asset inside and out.

Located south of Townsville, Burdekin has a growing population. Construction of the Home Hill Reservoir has dramatically increased its water storage capacity from 0.39 ML to 5 ML.

Dulux Protective Coatings worked with engineers from Premise and applicators from QPAMS to devise a whole coatings system. The list of requirements was long. Of course the internal coating needed to be suitable for immersion and contact with potable water. Corrosion, extreme UV exposure and tropical humidity were key environmental factors. There were also logistical challenges with application due to Home Hill's remote location.



A whole system

Our Sales Coordinator in North Queensland David Vivian provided a robust specification that ticked all the boxes.

Internal surface

External surface

Durekem MPP fit for purpose
Formulated specifically to protect the internals of steel storage tanks against corrosion, Durekem MPP also meets the standard (AS/NZ 4020:2018) for materials in contact with drinking water. A high solids, two component epoxy, it is a barrier coating with excellent chemical resistance.

The steel plates of the tank were first fabricated and blasted in an off-site workshop. Luxepoxy 66 was specified as a holding primer so the steel could then have two coats of Durekem MPP applied on site at a later date. Luxepoxy 66 protects freshly blasted steel from corrosion and chemical spills for up to six months without a topcoat.

“Delivering the right combination of products for the internals was critical,” David explains. “Durekem MPP was specified for its suitability for immersion and its potable water approvals.”

Durable, low sheen finish
The reservoir’s remote location imposed a tight timeline for the application of external coatings. David also factored in commercial viability to deliver an efficient application.

“For the prime coat, Duremax GPE ZP was used with Quickturn Hardener. It was able to be applied at 200 microns in one high build coat. Adding Quickturn enabled a fast recoat time for the topcoat of Weathermax HBR,” David says.

Duremax GPE ZP is a high performance two pack epoxy primer. Enhanced with zinc phosphate pigment, it will provide the tanks with excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. This robust barrier was then given an attractive finish with a topcoat of Weathermax HBR.

Weathermax HBR was the perfect option for building a pigment-rich topcoat. Flexible application options means it can be applied by brush and roller, which QPAMS nominated as their method of choice for on-site application,” David explains.

Our technical experts at Dulux Protective Coatings can provide a tailored coatings specification for your next project. Contact us to start the conversation.

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