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Vibrant new coating with high durability for vital water pipeline

Vibrant new coating with high durability for vital water pipeline

It’s not every day we’re tasked with the re-coat of an asset that stretches over hills, down gullies, across bridges and over vast expanses of tropical terrain. But that's exactly what was required for the re-coat of Queensland's 17km Cooby Pipeline.

Located in the Toowoomba region, this vital piece of infrastructure distributes potable water from the Cooby Dam to surrounding areas. The ageing pipeline was corroding in sections and required a long-lasting coatings solution that could withstand climate extremes.

The Toowoomba environment's corrosion rating varies between C3 and C4. Summer brings intense levels of UV radiation, while the temperature regularly drops below zero degrees on winter nights. Additionally, tropical rainfall and overnight dew often cause consistent wetness over long periods.

After a full abrasive blast, PBS Specialty Coatings primed with Zincanode 402, a heavy duty zinc-rich primer with high corrosion protection. Duremax GPE was applied as an intermediary coat, providing additional protection against corrosion as well as abrasion. Importantly, the Duremax epoxy formula is designed for the protection of structures exposed to severe environments and for use on potable water infrastructure.

Ever popular Weathermax HBR was selected for the topcoat as it provides high durability and maintains asset value. With electrical lines nearby, the pipeline is at risk of scratches and dents from heavy equipment in the area. The high build polyurethane formula is designed to resist this kind of damage, while maintaining colour and gloss over extended periods.

“The council chose Serpentine Green (G22) because this vibrant shade looks impressive across the entire stretch of the pipeline,” explains Dave Sinclair, our Dulux PC Sales Executive in charge of this project. “Weathermax HBR makes it easy to touch up any damaged areas because it’s easy to apply and blends in well.”

“The team had to cut through both private and public land, adding logistical challenges," Dave continues. "Dulux PC’s technical ability to propose a long term solution was an important factor in winning the tender. Upon completion, all parties were very happy with the result.”

Are you planning a major coatings project? Talk to the Dulux Protective Coatings team for the right coatings solution, and to access expert technical support.


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