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Tough and glossy Luxafloor HSG for automotive workshop

Tough and glossy Luxafloor HSG for automotive workshop

For a Melbourne-based vehicle workshop, the floors need to endure tire abrasion, oil and solvent spills, and occasional dings from heavy tools. This large panel beating workshop for high performance vehicles also needed to present professional image, so a gleaming finish was critical.

Luxafloor HSG was the perfect choice, delivering serious resistance against wear and tear, as well as easy cleaning and a high gloss finish. In fact, the customer was so impressed they have switched all their floors to this high build protective coating.

Linemarking was added with Luxathane R, which our colour team matched to the company’s corporate colour.

High Solids Gloss makes floor maintenance easy

Melbourne protective coatings consultant Shaddy De Chavez says Luxafloor HSG is ideal to add toughness to interior floors. It is a two-part epoxy coating that delivers a high build, high solids finish.

"HSG stands for High Solids Gloss. The gloss finish adds to the ease of cleaning as well as providing a high quality finish. It provides excellent resistance to chemical splashes and spills," Shaddy explains.

Floors are also protected from abrasion from tires and other wear and tear. "As well as automotive settings, we recommend it for concrete floors in warehouses, retail areas, showrooms and manufacturing facilities," adds Shaddy.

Two coats of Luxafloor HSG flowed on nicely across 500 square metres, with only three applicators on deck for the entire floor. For this project, the standard light grey colour was used but the product is available in all colours on the Luxafloor Colour Chart and can be tinted using the Dulux COLORFAST tint system.

Luxathane R for customised line marking

To create designated car spaces in the workshop, linemarking was delivered in the client's own shade of blue. "Luxathane R can be tinted in over 5,000 colours. Our colour matching team got their corporate colour just right," says Shaddy.

A full gloss, two-component acrylic polyurethane, Luxathane R is recoatable with minimum surface preparation. It offers gloss and colour retention, hardness and abrasion resistance, and wide-ranging chemical resistance, making it the ideal coatings partner with Luxafloor HSG.

Two coats of Luxathane R were applied in one day. "Dulux PC was able to deliver the products quickly, and efficient application meant a fast return to service," Shaddy says.

If you need an ultra-tough floor for your asset, get in touch with our technical experts at Dulux Protective Coatings.

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