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Luxafloor® HSG

dulux luxafloor hsg - high solids gloss expoxy floor coating

LUXAFLOOR® HSG (High Solids Gloss) is a high gloss two-pack epoxy for coating concrete floors. It is high build, making it an ideal choice for coating floors that are subject to heavy traffic.

LUXAFLOOR® HSG comes in tintable bases so is available in a large range of colours tinted to the Dulux COLORFAST™ tint system.  



LUXAFLOOR® HSG is ideal for interior flooring applications where a high gloss finish is required. Recommended application areas include warehouses, retail areas, showrooms, and manufacturing facilities.


  • Ideal for interior areas subject to high wear
  • Hard wearing


  • Very high gloss finish
  • Easy to apply – good flow out
  • Tintable – available in a large range of colours
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High build high solids epoxy

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