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The right products help win grain terminal tender

The right products help win grain terminal tender

At a major grain export facility, protecting more than 15,000 square metres of steel and concrete from corrosion was a complex specification. The asset owner also needed to ensure zero contamination of the food product and that the works would not be detrimental to the local flora and fauna.

In responding to the Esperance Grain Terminal tender, IPC Maintenance sought advice from Dulux Protective Coatings. Technical Sales Representative Nathan Hines recommended a three-coat system, with Durebild STE as an intermediate enabling IPC to offer dry ice blasting for surface preparation.

"Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly surface preparation method that was made possible by the high surface tolerance of Durebild STE. Its high film build delivers excellent durability and adhesion to a range of substrates, including concrete and steel," Nathan explains.

The terminal's galleries and silo cones received maintenance treatment. Any heavily corroded steel areas were bristle blasted and primed with Zincanode 402 prior to the application of Durebild STE. All items were top coated with Weathermax HBR in Y35 Off White, providing UV stability.

This three-coat approach was chosen over other systems offered by IPC's competitors.

"The ability of Durebild STE as a maintenance coating across both steel and concrete was a highlight, as the contractor required fewer products and less storage on site," says Nathan. "Using dry ice blasting was also a big factor in protecting the grain, ruling out possible contamination from garnet or grit."

Durebild STE's acronym stands for surface tolerant epoxy. The product has been developed for Australian and New Zealand conditions and offers exceptional corrosion protection, even in harsh corrosive environments.

During the project, IPC Site Supervisor Tim Cooper reported that both Durebild STE and Weathermax HBR were "nothing short of brilliant. The painters are commenting how good the products really are,” Tim said. In fact, IPC used both products on another job soon after.

The Dulux Protective Coatings specification team can help contractors with complex tender applications. Get in touch to seek assistance with your project requirements.

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