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Protecting steel bridges from country to coast

Protecting steel bridges from country to coast

How do you treat bridge corrosion without contaminating the water below, all the while minimising traffic disruption? This was the question asked of ProBlast Victoria, for a series of bridges in South Gippsland Shire.

While its inland border starts just 100 kilometres south-east of the Melbourne CBD, the shire stretches all the way to the Bass Strait coastline and includes Wilsons Promontory National Park. The shire council needed a solution for bridges in a variety of environments.

Dulux Protective Coatings stepped in with a fast and flexible system that met all requirements.

A trusted coatings combination

Gippsland Territory Manager Wesley Brew and Specification Manager for Victoria and Tasmania Daniel McKeown recommended two products that combine to resist steel corrosion in the harshest environments.

Zincanode 402 is a two-pack epoxy primer that is rich in zinc, offering exceptional cathodic corrosion resistance. The high glass flake content of Duremax GFX creates a further barrier, whether the steel is above or below the water line or in a splash zone.

"Zincanode 402 and Duremax GFX are a hard-working anti-corrosion combination. They're often used to coat offshore refineries and chemical plants, that's the scale of durability they offer," Wes explains.

Easy, flexible application

Completed in February 2021, the first bridge to be refurbished was in Canavans Road, Leongatha North. As the bridge crosses a small creek, the first step was to fully encapsulate the below deck area. An abrasive blast clean was followed by a priming coat of Zincanode 402 and a top coat of Duremax GFX. The ProBlast team used brushes for stripe coating and cutting in before spraying the remaining areas.

The flexibility of Duremax GFX will be valuable as the shire's bridge refurbishment project continues. "While the first bridge was located inland, we recommended increasing the thickness of the Duremax GFX application for bridges in coastal environments, where salt concentrations are obviously more damaging," Wes explains.

The system delivered high impact protection while minimising bridge closure time.

"Zincanode 402 saves time on three fronts. It does not require a mist coat, it dries rapidly and is easy to overcoat. In most environments, it is ready for overcoating within 5 to 17 hours and there are no special sealing requirements."

Helping local governments protect their assets

Dulux Protective Coatings regularly provides coatings specifications for local government assets. We can work directly with your asset team and put you in touch with a trusted applicator. Or, your coatings contractor can reach out to us for specification support. Get in touch with our dedicated team of coatings experts.

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