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Product spotlight: how fluoropolymers can help keep your asset looking its best

Product spotlight: how fluoropolymers can help keep your asset looking its best

Known for having superior weathering properties, two-pack fluoropolymer coatings are formulated with polymers that contain fluorine for outstanding durability and UV resistance.

Fluoropolymers are specified on a wide variety of projects where gloss maintenance, durability, and colour retention are vital.

Highly durable, long-wearing coatings that prolong asset life

According to Dulux Protective Coatings Specification Executive, Daniel McKeown, fluoropolymer coatings can offer protection under a variety of conditions.

“All fluoropolymers offer excellent resistance to UV degradation, even in harsh environments. Fluoropolymers resist breakdown, thus retaining their original film build for longer, meaning they deliver a result that stands the test of time,” Daniel says.

In unforgiving Australian environments – including coastal environments – a fluoropolymer coating can substantially extend the life of an asset by safeguarding its colour, protecting it from UV and reducing the time between re-coats.

Maximise the life of your asset with long lasting colour

Dulux Protective Coatings’ fluoropolymer range is ideal for projects where colour retention is particularly important.

“Colour fade on a key piece of infrastructure is a disappointing and costly outcome. Bright colours like reds, greens, oranges and yellows can be challenging to achieve a long colour life expectancy from. By choosing a fluoropolymer coating, you can be confident of long-lasting colour performance and stability,” Daniel says.

Helping guard against graffiti

Fluoropolymers are recognised as especially graffiti resistant, as they are designed to allow for repeated removal of graffiti while protecting the substrate or coating underneath.

“Given the unsightly and costly damage that graffiti can cause, asset owners particularly value the anti-graffiti properties of fluoropolymer coatings,” Daniel says.

Many fluoropolymer coatings can withstand repeated cleaning using graffiti removal agents, which compliments their excellent colour retention performance.

Spotlight: Dulux Protective Coatings’ fluoropolymer range

Dulux Protective Coatings’ fluoropolymer range includes three high performance products:

Quantum V92

This ultra-premium quality, high gloss fluoropolymer topcoat has been designed to deliver superior weathering and gloss retention in areas of extreme UV radiation.

“Quantum V92 is often specified for new assets and applied in a factory setting. It delivers a premium, long-lasting finish and outstanding, highly durable colour,” says Daniel.

Find out more about Quantum V92.

Duration T80

This two-component, water borne, fluorinated polymer finish offers excellent gloss and colour retention, plus UV resistance.

“Duration T80 is designed for applications where extended service periods are required. It features a very low VOC content of only 23 grams per litre, making it ideal for on-site application. It offers highly durable colour performance and is available in more than 5,000 colours,” says Daniel.

Find out more about Duration T80.

Surfaceshield FP

A two-component, water borne clear coat, Surfaceshield FP allows graffiti to be removed repeatedly.

“Surfaceshield FP is a clear coating, from which graffiti can be easily removed. It’s low odour and low VOC, making it suitable for application in public areas like train stations,” says Daniel.

Find out more about Surfaceshield FP.

Fluoropolymers in action

See how Dulux Protective Coatings fluoropolymer products are specified across a wide range of assets:

  • At the Qantas Foundation Museum in outback Queensland, Quantum V92 was specified for the striking golden yellow columns supporting the museum’s new outdoor airpark roof. “We created more than 30 colour samples for consideration, with Wagon Gold the final choice," explains Dulux Protective Coatings Business Development Executive, Rik Morton.
  • For 10 bright new beacons lining the Brisbane River waterfront, Duration T80 provides excellent colour retention over extended service periods. Alongside having very good anti-graffiti properties, Duration T80 provides excellent UV resistance.
  • In Geelong, durable Surfaceshield FP is helping protect a striking shopping centre mural from graffiti. A low-odour, clear fluoropolymer coating, Surfaceshield FP was ideal for application while the shopping precinct remained operational.
  • In Northern Sydney, Quantum V92 has ensured vibrant, long wearing colour plus superior UV protection and graffiti-resistance to the $40-million, bright blue Lachlan's Line Bridge – the world's first double helix bridge. “Quantum V92 can reduce upkeep costs by significantly extending maintenance times," says Dulux Protective Coatings Specification Executive, Adam Hockey.

Find out more about Dulux Protective Coatings’ fluoropolymers range, or get in touch with our coatings experts to find out how fluoropolymers could deliver a superior outcome on your next project.


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