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PC take protection through the roof at Qantas Museum

PC take protection through the roof at Qantas Museum

At the Qantas Foundation Museum in Longreach, outback Queensland, a new outdoor airpark roof has enabled a unique night experience, where visitors are treated to a sound and light show projected onto iconic aircrafts.

It's part of an ambitious project, which aims to provide protection to the Museum’s visitors and aircraft from the harsh weather conditions experienced by Longreach.

Spanning 8072 square metres, the $11.3 million roof was constructed using 400 tonnes of steel, transported from Brisbane by more than 35 trucks, and lifted in to place by cranes and boom lifts.

Dulux PC Business Development Executive, Rik Morton, worked with the asset owner, builder and architect to deliver a viable coatings solution for this high-profile project.

The museum wanted a low maintenance system that provided colour and gloss longevity. For construction company Watpac, meeting the project specification was crucial, while the architects at The NRA Collaborative were seeking the ideal colours and finish.

For the exposed steel columns holding up the roof, which visitors will experience up close, a topcoat of our two-pack fluoropolymer Quantum V90 was applied.

"Dulux Quantum V90 is an ultra-premium fluoropolymer topcoat that provides superior weathering and gloss retention in areas exposed to UV. We created more than 30 colour samples for consideration, with Wagon Gold the final choice," Rik explains.

For the canopy itself, less subject to up-close viewing, Weathermax HBR was applied in Colorbond Surfmist with a dry film thickness (DFT) of 100 microns.

"This allowed us to meet the project spec while still delivering excellent protection from corrosion and an extended service period," says Rik.

All parts were primed with Zincanode 402, factory sprayed on at 75 microns. While the roof was entirely coated in the Brisbane factory, the columns were finished on site, with Quantum V90 sprayed on at 100 microns.

Get in touch with the Dulux PC team to find a coatings system that meets your project needs.

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