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Luxathane MPX delivers finish and protection at beachside ANZAC memorial

Luxathane MPX delivers finish and protection at beachside ANZAC memorial

Durebild STE and Luxathane MPX were combined to uplift a World War I memorial just in time for ANZAC Day, thanks to fast service from Dulux Protective Coatings' Central Queensland team and our clients at GJK Contractors.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean just north of Rockhampton, the spectacular headland at Emu Park was used as a lookout post during World War II. In 2014, its war history and stunning views made it the ideal site for a new commemorative precinct marking the centenary of World War I.

In this highly corrosive beachfront environment, the memorial's steel elements were due for maintenance, with the 2021 ANZAC Day ceremony fast approaching. Glenn Knox from GJK Contractors contacted our Territory Manager Rod Mann, seeking a coatings solution for a Gallipoli pictorial screen and a series of battle markers. The markers were originally hot-dip galvanized (HDG) with no paint applied, while the screen had been coated with C5M products. C5M coatings are required for a very high corrosivity (marine) environment.

Time was of the essence but Dulux PC is well versed in helping contractors and asset owners meet tight deadlines. In consultation with the local RSL, Livingstone Shire Council briefed Dulux PC on its requirements.

"The council wanted a matt finish to complement the natural surroundings, so we organised test sprays using Luxathane MPX in N23 Natural Grey and X65 Dark Brown," Rod explains. "Everyone was happy and really liked the matt finish and the colours."

Ideal for steelwork and facades, Luxathane MPX is a two-component, acrylic polyurethane matt topcoat. It provides an excellent anti-corrosion system when used over an epoxy coating such as Durebild STE.

"MPX has become a star performer for internal and external projects. It is popular for its smooth finish, durability and recoatability," Rod says.

GJK Contractors completed the fabrication and painting in their workshop. Following a spot prime with Durebild STE, a full priming coat was applied at 125 microns. The Luxathane MPX topcoat was applied at 50 microns. The coatings were applied using a pressure pot set up and allowed to fully dry before a light sanding between each coat.

On completion, the battle markers and pictorial screen were transported back to the precinct and re-installed, looking like new in time for ANZAC Day.

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