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Leveraging the Dulux Construction Solutions difference

Leveraging the Dulux Construction Solutions difference

If you manage assets in the mining, transport, marine, construction, agriculture or chemical storage industry, implementing trusted maintenance solutions will be one of your top priorities.

At Dulux Protective Coatings we’re uniquely placed to help asset owners in these industries with the ongoing and complex task of protecting and maintaining their machinery, infrastructure, plant and equipment.

So, how do we do it?

“We achieve this through seamless collaboration with other DuluxGroup businesses, enhanced by the Dulux Constructions Solutions offering,” explains Dulux Protective Coatings Queensland Business Development Manager, Rik Morton.

“Across Australia, clients value our ability to provide holistic solutions that solve a number of their challenges at once.”

Seamless support with Dulux Construction Solutions

Dulux Construction Solutions brings all Dulux product solutions together.

“Through Dulux Construction Solutions we offer end-to-end support to clients across many aspects of asset maintenance including steel protection, concrete repair and waterproofing,” Rik says.

“Dulux Construction Solutions enables us to partner seamlessly with other DuluxGroup businesses such as Fosroc, Dulux Powder Coatings, and Acratex. These partnerships mean we can provide the comprehensive technical expertise, quality reassurance and product knowledge that asset owners and managers need,” Rik says.

Delivering leading systems and specifications

Through collaboration across the business, asset owners can be confident that every DuluxGroup system and specification features top quality, rigorously tested products that deliver proven performance and excellent asset protection.

“Our comprehensive specifications are founded on a huge range of high quality, extensively tested products and exceptional depth of experience across the business,” Rik says. "This means we can provide established specifications for a broad range of asset maintenance situations - and develop customised solutions where required.”

“What’s more, DuluxGroup's testing facilities mean we are able to test combinations of products from different businesses when creating a system specification. This gives our clients added confidence in product performance.”

Collaborating to support asset maintenance

One example of DuluxGroup collaboration is Dulux Protective Coatings and Fosroc’s partnership in Queensland.

“We work with the team at Fosroc to provide asset corrosion audits for selected joint clients,” Rik says. “Areas we inspect include wharf structures, conveyor systems, gallery structures, piles, weigh towers, silos, tanks, storage sheds, ship loaders and more.”

Via on-site visits, Dulux PC experts audit all the steel for corrosion while Fosroc ANZ experts audit the concrete.

"These audits help our joint asset owner customers to identify, prioritise and tackle maintenance issues before they become large, expensive problems," adds Rik. “They’re just one example of the way DuluxGroup businesses collaborate to add value for clients.”

Find out more about Dulux Construction Solutions or contact Dulux Protective Coatings to discuss your asset protection and coatings specification needs.

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