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Introducing the Dulux Protective Coatings Learning Series!

Introducing the Dulux Protective Coatings Learning Series!

Have you ever wanted to know more about our products, their features and benefits, and the chemistry behind how they work? Or maybe you’re interested in some of the practical features of reading a Dulux PC Data Sheet, or the Wet and Dry Film Thickness measurement?


This 16-part series of short videos provides a wide-ranging overview of our products, as well as the Protective Coatings basics. It has been created with a diverse audience in mind to help you begin your PC knowledge journey, or fill in some of the gaps with information you’ve always wanted.


You can find the Protective Coatings Learning Series by hovering over our Data Sheets & Resources tab above and clicking on the link, or you can view it directly here. Happy viewing!


If there’s something not covered here that you’re keen to learn more about, you can contact our Product Manager Jade via email at


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