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Historic oil tank preserved and protected

Historic oil tank preserved and protected

Skilled blasters and painters know historic restoration is hugely rewarding, but often demanding. Their aim to is to strike a delicate balance between old and new. The recent rejuvenation of a vintage oil tank in Coopers Shoot in the Byron Bay hinterland, is an excellent example of restoration done right. The latest technology from Dulux Protective Coatings preserved and beautified this charming relic while allowing the character-filled patina to show through.

Dulux PC Technical Sales Representative, Manoli Hnoudis, partnered with Trent Smith from Kwik Strip to devise a strategy for the project.

“The client wanted to bring the old tank back to its former glory and achieve an industrial look from the period it was made,” Manoli explains. “I specified a two-coat system for corrosive protection and the desired aesthetic. The topcoat of Luxathane MPX in Factory Black provided a consistent finish and full opacity.”

Duremax GPE ZP was applied at a dry film thickness of 150 microns to prime and protect the aged steel. This high build formula contains zinc phosphate for active inhibitive protection against corrosion, all the way to the edges.

Our new star product, Luxathane MPX was applied at 60 microns dry film thickness to create the striking black topcoat. Designed to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions, this two-part polyurethane creates a smooth and durable matt finish. The tank will be exposed to the high UV environment of the Byron Bay hinterland, so the client wanted to ensure the finish would retain colour density and resist fading for many years to come.

Trent is pleased to report that the final results far exceeded his client’s expectations. “The clients were very happy with the application properties and the finish,” he says. “The transformation was amazing.”

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