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Gleaming new finish for soaring Skyneedle

Gleaming new finish for soaring Skyneedle

Our most impressive painting projects are often the most challenging. Brisbane’s iconic Skyneedle, constructed of steel, fibreglass, stone, concrete, polypropylene and copper, is a prime example. Built for Expo ’88, the striking tower shoots 88 metres into the air, meaning the recent repaint required the construction of a custom boom. Not keen to repaint any time soon, the asset owners needed a long-lasting coating specification to deliver superior colour and gloss retention.

Dulux Protective Coatings Trade Specialists, James Booth and Dave Sinclair, partnered with the skilled team at Sarri Painters to recommend a winning combination of Durebild STE primer plus two coats of Weathermax HBR.

The heritage-listed landmark had several existing coatings and substrates. The surface tolerant nature of Durebild STE adhered easily, creating a newly primed surface with excellent corrosion protection. Applied with both brush and roller, Weathermax HBR was then used to build a durable, glossy topcoat formulated to resist Queensland’s extreme UV radiation.

“We wanted to provide a high build, long lasting UV resistant finish that would do the icon justice,” says James. “The classic STE/HBR system has wide appeal and this project highlights the many benefits of both products.”

Once owned by prominent Queensland businessman Stefan Akerie, the Skyneedle is now the starring feature of a $125 million residential development in South Brisbane.

“Initially, the developers considered a single pack enamel,” James explains. "However, the superior finish and durability of the 2 pack Dulux PC system was seen as a cost saving measure over the long term.”

The asset owners are committed to ensuring the landmark will be enjoyed by local residents for years to come. Dulux Protective Coatings' high performance products safeguard this promise and minimise ongoing maintenance costs.

From soaring monuments to factory floors, the Dulux Protective Coatings team has specified coatings systems that can stand up to the toughest conditions. Speak to our experts for critical project solutions to meet your unique requirements and budget.

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