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Fun in the sun for Moreton Bay kids

Fun in the sun for Moreton Bay kids

The kids of Moreton Bay are thrilled with their new state-of-the-art playground and water park. The Mill at Petrie stands on the site of the former Petrie Paper Mill. An $11.5 million investment created the free recreation space with play equipment, splash zones, BBQs and sun shelters. All of it painted in fun, striking hues to entice families to spend time in the great outdoors.

Outdoor life in Queensland involves bright sunshine, and plenty of it. High UV radiation and an inland sub-tropical location means this environment is classed as C3, requiring a PUR4 coatings system under Australian standards.

Tasked with providing a high-performance coating system for the structural and supportive steel elements, Dulux Protective Coatings Technical Sales Representative, Dave Sinclair, devised a specification that ticked all the boxes and more.

Specialist applicators, Diamond Blast, began by spraying a prime coat of Zincanode 402. This heavy-duty zinc-rich epoxy provides long term protection against corrosion. Duremax GPE was used as an intermediate coat, to further protect the steel from the elements. The durable glossy topcoat was achieved with Weathermax HBR, a high build polyurethane that resists graffiti and graffiti removal agents. Most of the spraying occurred off-site before assembly, with touch ups made on site. Demarcation of colours on the topcoat required expert application, but the extra time and effort produced a fabulous result.

“Given the nature of the environment and the end use, this coating system was the most cost-effective solution. Supported by our warranties, it will provide 15 years LTFM (Life to First Maintenance),” Dave explains. "There's no need to compromise between high performance corrosion protection and a great looking finish. Our products make sure you can have both."

The bright, flashy colours will draw hundreds to this space every week, ensuring it will be well used and well loved. Scratches and dents won't be a problem because Weathermax HBR is formulated for easy repairs and touch ups on site.

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