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Fast turnaround and outstanding results with Luxafloor Express

Fast turnaround and outstanding results with Luxafloor Express

The busy floor of Anderson’s Auto Group Workshop in Gladstone has faced many challenges over the years. The previous coating was subject to oil stains, chemical splash, tyre marking, rolling machinery and dropped tools. Add in the rigours of regular high pressure cleans, and it’s no wonder the paintwork eventually cracked and faded.

Anderson’s were keen to upgrade their 750 sqm floorspace, but this time they wanted a coating that would retain gloss and colour for longer. They also needed a time sensitive solution to minimize disruption to the work schedule.

Peter Johnson from 3rd Generation Painters reached out to Dulux PC QLD Territory Manager, Rod Mann for a tailored specification.

“Our Luxafloor range was the perfect option for a fast turnaround,” says Rod. "Its slip resistance was also important in this auto workshop environment."

“First, the floor was washed and degreased prior to a full diamond grind back to the bare substrate. A 100 microns coat of Luxafloor Express Primer was applied, followed by two 75 microns coats of Luxafloor FCF. We could only shut the workspace for three days, so this was all done over a long weekend.”

Rod says feedback on the tailored coatings system was very positive.

“It was the first time the Peter had used this system. He really liked the Luxafloor FCF because it was so easy to apply by roller, it self levelled nicely, has excellent fast drying properties and delivered an outstanding gloss finish.”

Peter says the Luxafloor system has enhanced the service offering at 3rd Generation Painters.

“My client was very impressed with the level of finish. I was happy that the products and application fell within budget and time constraints,” Peter reports. “And the floor looks a million bucks!”

Importantly, there was minimal disruption for the team at Anderson's Auto Workshop.

"The fast return to service offered by the Luxafloor Express range helps businesses like this one avoid the cost and inconvenience of having facilities closed or out of use," says Rod.

Check out our Luxafloor Product Spotlight for more about this leading Dulux PC range or get in touch with us for a coatings solution tailored to your next project.

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