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Dulux PC provides a whole-asset solution for Aubin Grove Train Station

Dulux PC provides a whole-asset solution for Aubin Grove Train Station

For new government infrastructure, including train stations, steel and concrete are common design elements that require protection from a variety of elements.

For architects and engineers specifying these projects, Dulux Protective Coatings can deliver protective systems that address multiple challenges across the whole asset. This was the case for Aubin Grove Train Station in Perth, where durability, aesthetic finish and graffiti resistance were all key requirements.

"Across the entire station, all steel and visible concrete was coated," says Joel Bock, Dulux Protective Coatings Business Development Executive. "Zincanode 402, Duremax GPE and Weathermax HBR provided barrier protection, UV stability and anti-graffiti protection for the steel while Weathermax HBR was also applied on public concrete surfaces as an anti-graffiti measure."

Dulux PC WA Specification consultants worked with Coniglio Ainsworth Architects to specify the system for the new asset, completed in 2017. All products for the structural steel were spray applied in a controlled shop environment.

Zincanode 402 and Duremax GPE are both two pack epoxy coatings designed to protect steel from corrosion. Zincanode 402 is a primer that offers effective corrosion protection, while Duremax GPE is often applied to protect structures exposed to severe environments such as chemical plants, offshore platforms and refineries.

All visible steel was coated in Weathermax HBR N65 Graphite Grey. As well as helping to withstand extreme UV exposure, Weathermax HBR can be cleaned with most graffiti removal agents. It is known for its excellent gloss and colour retention during extended service periods.

"The project demonstrates Dulux Protective Coatings' capacity to protect the entire asset and address multiple challenges," Joel says.

Aubin Grove Train Station was added to Western Australia's Mandurah line to cater for the growing communities in Perth’s southern suburbs. It included station entry buildings on both sides of the Kwinana Freeway.

"The project was under strict timelines due to traffic management, with cranes needed to lift the overpasses into position. To avoid any hold-ups, we worked closely with the applicator to deliver large quantities of our products on time and in full."

Joel encourages engineers and architects specifying large assets to get in touch with Dulux Protective Coatings to discuss protective strategies.

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