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Aiming for better than new with Luxafloor®

Aiming for better than new with Luxafloor®

When the owners of a busy warehouse in Eagle Farm, Queensland decided it was time to recoat the floors, they had no idea it was possible to restore them to brand new condition. Over time, knocks, bumps and friction had left the floors looking worn, dull and marked. The owners were hoping a recoat would simply hide the marks and smooth the dents.

That’s when the specialists at Dulux Protective Coatings stepped in to explain the exciting potential of the Luxafloor® product range. Using innovative coating technology, Luxafloor® PTX builds an impressive high gloss surface with exceptional durability. James Booth, QLD Trade Specialist, joined forces with Marty Campbell, Asset Repaint Coatings Consultant to consult with the client, clarify the objectives and specify a system that would produce a flawless finish. The team at Dulux Trade Centre in Newstead arranged the supply and delivery of the product, providing a complete end-to-end solution for the client.  

As with most concrete surfaces, diamond grinding was deemed the ideal preparation method. The floors were pressure washed and defects were filled with Dulux Luxepoxy Filler before the grinders smoothed the surface to match a visual standard of CSP 2-3. With all laitance removed, this process created an ideal profile for a roller application of the product.

The award winning professionals at Wilko Painting first applied two coats of Luxafloor® LGE, a high solids epoxy coating with chemical resistance against a range of solvents. The immaculate finish was achieved with Luxafloor® PTX, a high performance polyurethane coating with good gloss and colour retention, even under UV exposure.

James Booth reflects, “Dulux Protective Coatings was clearly the best choice for this project because we had the products to meet the requirements of the asset owner, the technical knowledge to assist the contractor and the most efficient supply chain logistics to meet the project’s timeline.” He adds, “We achieved an incredible finish.”

The warehouse owners were thrilled with the result. The expansive floors are gleaming under the warehouse lights and have never looked better.  The finish has durability that will preserve the colour and gloss for many years to come.

If you want to discover the possibilities of Luxafloor, contact Dulux Protective Coatings to discuss your project. 

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