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Acrathane IF: the perfect coating for this luxury locomotive

Acrathane IF: the perfect coating for this luxury locomotive

Australia’s newest rail journey, Great Southern crosses the south east corner of the continent, travelling through diverse and sometimes harsh landscapes. Running between Adelaide and Brisbane, this 2885km journey takes in rugged coastlines, hilly bush terrain and parched outback expanses.

The Great Southern boasts a warm amber livery that befits its luxury status. Maintaining the gleam is a challenge. The locomotive encounters extreme UV, below zero temperatures, humidity and coastal salt spray. Operators, Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions, needed a coating system that would go the distance. Just like their other assets, The Ghan and the Indian Pacific, our client wanted the new addition to their fleet to be coated in high performance Dulux Protective Coatings products.

The process began with a 125 microns coat of Duremax GPE ZP, an epoxy primer enhanced with zinc phosphate pigment. This was followed by a 50 microns coat of Luxaprime UMP, an ideal tie coat that provides passive corrosion protection and inter-coat adhesion in one product.

Two 60 microns coats of
Acrathane IF Gloss were applied to achieve a saturated colour finish. Tinted to Pantone 7413C, this warm amber colour forms the base of the Great Southern’s distinctive livery. The final 60um coat of Acrathane IF Clearcoat Gloss will extend the durability of the finish.

“The team at Journey Beyond Rail wanted the paintwork to have a high gloss finish, similar to what you would see on an automotive vehicle,” explains Peter Obradovic, our State Sales Manager in SA and the NT. “Acrathane IF was the obvious choice, because it creates a lustrous, shiny topcoat with the durability of a protective coating.”

Free from isocyanate, the coatings were safely applied by CFCL Australia in a spray booth using an airless spray system.

"We have a great relationship with the applicators and provide excellent product support. We are delighted that Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions have selected our coatings systems across several of their flagship locomotives," says Peter.

Thanks to Dulux Protective Coatings, the Great Southern locomotive now looks as good as the stunning vistas that guests experience from its windows.

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