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A golden moment for Dulux Protective Coatings and Komatsu

A golden moment for Dulux Protective Coatings and Komatsu

When it comes to heavy lifting, Komatsu trucks and Dulux Protective Coatings make an excellent combination.

Earthmoving equipment, including dump trucks, operate in extreme environments. Often on the go 24/7, their exteriors withstand the full spectrum of climate conditions. They also carry the branding of their operators, requiring exact colour matching consistent with the rest of the fleet.

Komatsu Trucks is a leading supplier of construction, mining and quarrying equipment to a range of Australian businesses. Dulux Protective Coatings was recently commissioned to meet the colour specification and external paint requirements for the re-coat of a 60 tonne capacity haul truck – the HD605-7E0. The vibrant golden yellow exterior colour required the skills of our colour matching team to create the perfect blend.

Long lasting performance with an exact colour match

The smooth, high-gloss finish of Luxathane HPX was the perfect choice for the steel exterior of the truck.

  • Luxathane HPX is a two-component, acrylic polyurethane high-gloss topcoat that provides long term durability.
  • Its strong abrasion and UV resistance, as well as its gloss and colour retention properties, makes it ideal for Komatsu's industrial steelwork and machinery.
  • To achieve the 'Komatsu golden yellow' for the HD605-7E0, our Technical Service team undertook an exact colour match process.
  • Luxathane HPX is available in 5,000 tintable colour combinations. 

Local manufacturing ensures product availability

Thanks to our local manufacturing facilities in Queensland and Victoria, Dulux Protective Coatings can supply products when our clients need them. While the pandemic has disrupted supply chains around the world, having our products manufactured here in Australia means Dulux Protective Coatings clients don't face costly time delays.

With long-lasting high-gloss colour retention, Luxathane HPX will help maintain the value of the Komatsu HD605-7E0 dump truck for many years to come.

See how Dulux Protective Coatings protects earth moving equipment from UV in WA.

Are you looking for excellent long term protection for earthmoving equipment? Speak to one of our protective coatings experts for technical advice and a tailored specification.

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