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Two-step protection for white beams shining over Bunnings shoppers

Two-step protection for white beams shining over Bunnings shoppers

This Queensland Bunnings store recently opened its doors to a warm welcome from the local residents of the growing Gold Coast area. The build involved the off-site fabrication of white structural steel beams that stretch across the ceiling interior, creating the expansive open space synonymous with the iconic Australian brand. A Dulux PC coating system was chosen to ensure the beams continue to look as good as the day they were installed.

Firstly, Durepon EZP was spray coated to prime the steel and create a smooth surface. This two pack epoxy primer is enhanced with zinc phosphate pigment for inhibitive corrosion protection. It also has good chemical and solvent resistance.

The white topcoat was achieved with Luxathane HPX, a high performance polyurethane with good gloss and colour retention. Resistant to UV radiation and chemical exposure, this product ensures the steel has long durability and requires minimal maintenance.

Rik Morton, our Business Development Manager in Queensland, shared his expertise with the builder and the fabricator to secure the best outcome for this project and overcome any logistical challenges.

“This is a tried and tested coating system with a substantial case history," says Rik. "Our trusted relationship with Bunnings ensured the most durable system was used. Importantly, we were able to provide the desired warranty period.”

Initially, the project team were considering a less expensive, one-step coat to save on upfront costs. However, the national two-step specification for Bunnings stores across Australia has proven to deliver both lasting protection and long-term value.

The store boasts a floor space of over 14,500 square metres, so any ongoing maintenance of the building shell is a costly proposition. Now gleaming in glossy white, the structural steel beams will require minimal upkeep to remain looking their best.

Are you planning a large scale industrial or commercial project? Speak to our team for expert coating advice and recommendations.

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