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The right solution to tackle construction coating odours

The right solution to tackle construction coating odours

The odour of some corrosion protection coatings product can be powerful – and it can be a problem in public or high traffic areas.

When the unpleasant odour from a coatings product caused complaints from patrons, tourists and locals at The Squires Landing in Sydney, Dulux Protective Coatings came to the rescue with a low VOC solution.

Housed within Tenancy 5 at the iconic Overseas Passenger Terminal on the western harbour edge of Circular Quay, The Squires Landing is a two-story restaurant and brewhouse. A recent refurbishment saw the replacement of its existing façade, construction of new suspended decks, an internal fit-out across two levels and the construction of a new, freestanding, fully glazed microbrewery designed to capture the panoramic views of Sydney Harbour.

Not only is The Squires Landing an extremely popular destination for locals, its location within the Overseas Passenger Terminal makes it a busy public space. As the refurbishment progressed, neither the disembarking travellers nor the restaurant patrons appreciated the strong odour coming from coating of the existing steel.

“The workshop-applied steel coating was not a problem,” explains Dulux Protective Coatings Business Development Executive, Adam Hockey. “But when it came to the existing steel, the project team soon found that the odour from the protective coatings being applied was causing a significant problem with the passengers boarding and disembarking from the cruise liners at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.”

“Builders, Xenia Constructions approached Dulux Protective Coatings for a solution. We recommended our low VOC Duration range, in particular Duration T80, a water-based fluoropolymer, which has a very low VOC level of just 23 g per litre.”

The high-performance corrosion protection that was required for this atmospheric corrosivity category was applied in a workshop environment as these materials are not low odour. The low VOC topcoat was applied over these existing coatings on site in working hours without creating any disruption.

This solution was a win-win for both builder and client. The corrosion protection requirements were met, and a high-quality finish was applied onsite without creating disturbance from coating odour to the highly populated environment.

The structural steel also required an accurate colour match, with O.P.T Blue selected. Dulux were able to match the colour that was originally used on the passenger terminal and make sure there was no variation between the new structure and the existing passenger terminal

Designed by architects, Collins and Turner and built by Xenia Constructions, The Squires Landing refurbishment is a stunning project that was recognised with a Master Builders Association of NSW construction award.

Dulux Protective Coatings can help you specify a low odour solutions on your next project. Get in touch to find out more.



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