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Sunny Crane Coatings For Safety and Long Term Protection

Sunny Crane Coatings For Safety and Long Term Protection

Painting a crane in bright, glossy colours has a purpose that goes beyond aesthetics. Heavy machinery needs to be highly visible to keep everyone safe on the work site. That’s why hire company Nortask reached out to Dulux Protective Coatings when it was time to repaint their towering 25-tonne capacity Franna Crane. Queensland Technical Sales Representative, Dave Sinclair, soon arrived on site to trial our best-selling products so he could specify the ideal coatings system.

As part of our tailored solutions and hands-on customer service, Dave helped the painter apply different primers and topcoats in the trial phase. An automotive sprayer by trade, the painter usually worked with low volume solids car paints. Durepon EZP proved to be too heavy and porous for this particular project, so they switched to Luxepoxy 4 White Primer, which created the perfect base for a topcoat of Quantum 221 in Golden Yellow.

“The main objective was to achieve a super smooth automotive-style gloss," Dave explains. “Most automotive style assets are not painted with anti-corrosive primers like Durepon EZP. The Luxepoxy 4 gave us a super smooth finish and the white base gave the vibrant topcoat even better coverage.”

“We achieved an outstanding high gloss finish with great colour retention, chemical resistance and UV stability. The crane looked like it had just come from the factory brand new. Three years later, I see this machine in the yard and it still retains that vibrant finish.”

The coating process took two days to complete. The crane was sanded to remove the previous coating and provide a key for the primer. The applicator used a conventional spray with a 2mm set up for both coats.

Nortask's customers want assurance the hiring equipment is maintained to the highest standards. With the depot located in Dalby, which is about three hours inland from Brisbane, harsh UV radiation would soon see the assets look faded and aged without high performance protective coatings. We're proud to have provided premium service and products to support the ongoing success of this growing business.

Get specific coatings advice for your next project. Our experienced technical consultants will work with you to get the right result.

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