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Protecting warehouse floors from machinery, foot traffic and solvents

Protecting warehouse floors from machinery, foot traffic and solvents

From warehouses to car parks to showrooms, protecting industrial concrete floors is an important and ongoing task. A deteriorated concrete floor can pose a health and safety risk, while floors with worn coatings and markings can create confusion and decrease productivity.

For a well-known packaging company in Western Australia, rejuvenating the concrete floor coincided with a re-jig of the company’s warehouse layout.

“The existing warehouse floor was worn, dull and bare in patches. The company wanted a good-looking, durable coating that could withstand constant traffic from forklifts and staff as well as machinery grease, grime and spills,” explains Dulux Protective Coatings WA Sales Consultant, Kyle Nesbitt.

Luxafloor delivers protection plus glossy good looks

Local applicators Auscol Painting cleaned and diamond-ground the substrate before applying the Luxafloor coatings. Two different coatings systems were used:

  • For walkways and other predominantly foot traffic areas, two coats of Luxafloor LGE were applied
  • For areas subject to higher forklift and machinery traffic, a primer coat of Luxafloor LGE was applied, followed by a topcoat of Luxafloor PTX

Luxafloor LGE is a high-solids, semi-gloss epoxy floor coating with excellent durability and chemical resistance against a range of solvents.

“It’s ideal in warehouses, where solvent spills are common,” Kyle says. “It also withstands repeated cleaning.”

Luxafloor PTX is a high performance, high build recoatable polyurethane floor coating designed for ease of use and exceptional flow out. As well as excellent gloss and colour retention, it delivers a smooth floor coating over Luxafloor LGE.

Both Luxafloor LGE and Luxafloor PTX can be matched to a vast range of colours in the Dulux World of Colour and Australian Standard colour ranges, through the COLORFAST Tint System.

“For this project, light and dark greys were used, as well as red, yellow and green for the warehouse floor markings.”

Working with asset owners and applicators

Dulux Protective Coatings backs its products with advice and support from product experts.

“To ensure a great outcome at this packaging warehouse, the first step we took was an on-site meeting with the asset owner and applicator,” Kyle explains. “This allowed us to fully understand the project and design the ideal coatings systems.”

A challenge for the applicators was that the warehouse needed to remain operational throughout. The project was completed section by section, across a two-month period.

“The Auscol Painting team chose Dulux Protective Coatings based on the quality and reputation of our products. Their feedback was that the application was straightforward and that the data sheets were easy to follow, with accurate recoat information and drying times, which helped the team achieve their project timelines.”

Easy ongoing maintenance

“Now that the floor is protected with the Luxafloor range, it will be easier to maintain,” Kyle says.

A light sand and recoat when needed will keep this packaging warehouse floor performing well into the future.

Find out more about the Luxafloor concrete coatings range or get in touch with Dulux Protective Coatings to discuss your concrete floor protection needs.

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