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Product spotlight: Duremax GFX

Product spotlight: Duremax GFX

Offering incredible corrosion-resistance, Duremax GFX is one of Dulux Protective Coatings’ most durable and in-demand products.

Here’s what makes Duremax GFX so effective:

The power of glass flake technology

Duremax GFX is an ultra premium, high solids, high build surface-tolerant epoxy with superior glass flake reinforced pigmentation.

Glass flakes are essentially microscopic pieces of glass which, when added to a coating film, exhibit a natural lamellar barrier. This means that they naturally lie parallel to the substrate surface.

The stacking of microscopic glass flakes results in a continuous layer of overlapping glass plates in the coating film. This creates what’s known as a ‘torturous path’ for corrosive elements, making it extremely difficult for them to access the substrate.

“With its glass flake technology, Duremax GFX is ideal for coating new or existing steel surfaces in harsh and/or corrosive environments,” explains Dulux Protective Coatings technical sales representative, Rodney Mann.

Ultra protection in corrosive settings

Duremax GFX is ideal for the long term protection of new steelwork in highly corrosive environments, including coastal and offshore structures, above and below the water-line.

In these settings, Duremax GFX offers excellent protection from elements such as:

  • airborne salts
  • water/moisture
  • vapour
  • chemicals
  • dust (eg coal and other mining dusts)

Duremax GFX can be used as a primer/finish on internal steelwork and on coastal/off-shore steelwork including splash zones.

Preparation and application

Preparing existing steel surfaces for the application of Duremax GFX typically involves power tool cleaning or abrasive blasting to remove surface rust and other contaminants.

Duremax GFX can be applied using brush and roller, however, conventional or airless spray are recommended to achieve the most uniform finish.

Rodney says two coats of Duremax GFX are typically specified.

“A polyurethane topcoat may also be applied, depending on the service and location. If it’s something out in the open, a polyurethane topcoat such as Weathermax will deliver additional protection from UV.”

Duremax GFX in action

See how Duremax GFX is protecting these assets, Australia-wide:

  • At the QMAG Kunwarara Mine Site north of Rockhampton, Duremax GFX provides ongoing maintenance protection for infrastructure that’s constantly covered in corrosive magnesium dust.
  • On Darwin’s Cullen Bay waterfront, Duremax GFX combines with Zincanode 402 and Luxathane SPX to provide a robust coatings system for this C-5M environment.
  • Around 140 kms north west of Townsville, the Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) Lucinda Wharf is in a severe marine environment, making Duremax GFX the perfect choice for protection.

Duremax GFX product details

Download the Duremax GFX fact sheet for more product information, the Duremax GFX data sheet for full technical product details, or visit the Duremax GFX product page.

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