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Micaceous Iron Oxide - What Is It?

Micaceous Iron Oxide - What Is It?

From the local round about to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, MIO has some serious credentials in steel protection. It’s also one of the most frequently searched product ranges on the Dulux Protective Coatings website.

So, how do MIO Coatings work? Let’s find out more about this steel-protection superhero.

MIO coatings are made with micaceous iron (MIO) pigment, a very dark coloured, layered mineral with a subtle metallic lustre. The flake-like shape of MIO pigments is the key to their protective powers. Like tiny mirrors, they reflect the UV light, protecting the underlying resin against chalking and creating the ‘sparkle’ appearance that many architects and specifiers favour.

While iron oxide is chemically stable and excellent at preventing corrosion, MIO takes it to the next level. Compared to the spherical pigments more commonly used in paints and coatings, MIO’s overlapping flat layers create a near impossible barrier for water, salt or other damaging molecules.

Most Dulux MIO coatings are a dark charcoal colour, although some are available in a lighter grey. Check out our range of MIO Coatings and how they work, or talk to your local Dulux Protective Coatings Technical Consultant about how MIO Coatings can work for your project.

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