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Coastal sculptures still sparkling after 16 years

Coastal sculptures still sparkling after 16 years

Our commitment to long lasting protection doesn’t end when the last brush is put down. At Dulux Protective Coatings, we regularly re-visit projects to ensure our products are performing as promised. We like to see surfaces retain their colour and gloss long after LTFM (life to first maintenance) guidelines.

Our WA Sales Representative, Nathan Hines, recently conducted a review of the modern art sculptures at Rockingham Train Station and found the metallic structures gleaming like new.

Originally installed and painted in 2004, these sculptures have faced the rigours of a C3 medium corrosivity environment for sixteen years. The station sits less than two kilometres from the coast, so the area is subject to airborne salts and moisture as well as high UV radiation. Despite this, even the coating over the intricate details is still intact.

So how did they last the distance? We provided superior protection, durability and finish with a three step coating system. First, the steel was primed with Durepon P14 anti-corrosive primer at 75 microns to guard against corrosion. An intermediate coat of Duremax GPE at 125 microns created an extra layer of protection against rust and abrasion. The stunning metallic topcoat colours were achieved with Quantum FX at 50 microns. This two pack acrylic polyurethane has a semi-gloss finish with plenty of sparkle.

“Quantum FX is a unique product that provides a highly attractive architectural finish,” Nathan says. “After 16 years, the metallic effect is still prominent. The coating was in sound condition with only slight deterioration in areas that had been attacked with graffiti.”

Quantum FX has excellent graffiti resistance and can withstand repeated cleaning. It’s also resistant to marring and marking, so the finish can retain beauty and visual impact, which is especially important for treasured public artwork.

The LTFM for this project is 15 to 25 years, but Nathan's glowing review indicates these structures will continue to sparkle in the sunlight for many more years to come.

Discover why Dulux Protective Coatings is the most cost-effective solution for long term durability and performance. Speak to one of our coatings experts today for a custom specification for your project.


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