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Bites, scratches and splashes a new challenge for Dulux Protective Coatings

Bites, scratches and splashes a new challenge for Dulux Protective Coatings

From corrosion and UV to chemical exposure and abrasion, our high performance coatings have been formulated to coat surfaces that will experience a wide range of environmental hazards. We thought we’d seen it all. Until sharp claws and teeth were added to the list!

The recent $3.4 million upgrade to the Perth Zoo Lion Enclosure features a sizeable breeding and den facility where keepers can safely care for these majestic creatures. Now boasting a world-class breeding program, the new enclosure is expected to accommodate four adult lions and four cubs.

Designed by Iredale Pederson Hook architects, the innovative enclosures were fabricated by Simmonds Steel. Gates and slides allow the keepers to guide the lions through the facility, so moving parts are constantly in action. Dulux Protective Coatings products were used to build a durable finish to help withstand friction and knocks. As well as splashes, bites and scratches!

“The facility was a difficult structure to paint,” explains Joel Bock, Business Development Executive at Dulux Group. “It required a rigorous approach from the applicators to deliver a high quality finish.”

The mild steel was prepared with an abrasive blast before being primed with Zincanode 402 for zinc-rich cathodic protection. A coat of Duremax GPE epoxy created a durable barrier. Basel Naser of Lighthouse Engineers specified  Weathermax HBR  for the topcoat due to its  high build polyurethane chemical resistance.

After a whip blast preparation, the galvanised steel was primed with Durepon EZP, a two pack epoxy enhanced with zinc phosphate pigment for corrosion protection. Cutting Edge Painters then followed the same products specified for the mild steel, with an airless spray application used throughout all sections.

Dulux Weathershield and Dulux Aquanamel also featured in this project, offering protection and colour to PVC piping and timber.

A finalist in the 2020 Dulux Colour Awards, the den quarters feature an array of easily identified primary colours to allow keepers to visually communicate with each other. Dulux is a proud contributor to this vital project. This innovative new facility plays an important role in the care of the resident lions and the global conservation of this threatened species.

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