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Shell House, 1 Spring Street Melbourne


Originally known as Shell House, 1 Spring Street Melbourne is a major office tower in Melbourne, designed by renown modernist Architect, Harry Seidler. Construction of Shell House was completed in 1989, and is managed by CBRE Property Management. This building is of architectural significance, and is listed on the Victorian Heritage database. The busy basement carpark services the 28 storey building, so to minimise disruption for the occupants, the floor was primed with DULUX Duremax® GPE using Quickturn Hardener, and topcoated in DULUX Luxafloor® FCF fast cure floor coating. The colour chosen was AS2700 N35 Light Grey. The floor was ready to receive vehicles the day after application was completed, and stands up to regular cleaning well.


1 x DULUX Duremax® GPE @ 100 µm

1 x DULUX Luxafloor® FCF @ 75 µm

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