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Intumescent Coatings

The stability of a building depends on loadbearing structural steel. Steel loses its loadbearing capacity when its temperature rises above 550ºC, causing collapse of the building. If the steel is sufficiently insulated, however, the time to structural failure can be delayed sufficiently for occupants to escape. This is the principle of intumescent coatings. ln a fire, when the temperature reaches a critical level, an intumescent coating will undergo a chemical reaction that causes the coating to expand or "intumesce". This reaction product forms an insulating layer that slows the rate at which the core temperature of the coated rises, and prolongs its structural integrity. Cafco® SPRAYFILM WB3 is a waterborne intumescent coating by Promat® Australia. Cafco® SPRAYFILM WB3 has been extensively tested for compatibility as the intumescent component of Dulux Protective Coatings systems. Together Dulux® and Promat® supply high quality coating systems that deliver corrosion protection, passive fire protection and an attractive decorative finish to structural steel.

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