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Surfaceshield™ HD-H

SURFACESHIELD™ HD-H (horizontal) is a water-based, low VOC solution used to protect horizontal surfaces from general contaminants including chewing gum, and facilitate easier cleaning. SURFACESHIELD™ HD-H is a non-sacrificial coating allowing repeated cleaning after one application.

SURFACESHIELD™ HD-H is non film-forming; it is a surface treatment that penetrates the porous surface providing an invisible hydrophobic layer. Graffiti on surfaces treated with SURFACESHIELD™ HD-H can be removed using a combination of graffiti removal agents and hot water pressure.


SURFACESHIELD™ HD-H can be used to protect a wide variety of porous materials used in construction, retail, municipality, hospital and urban environments. Some uses include protecting pavers, stairs, footpaths, non-glazed tile floors and stone floors.


  • Protects horizontal surfaces from stains, chewing gum, graffiti and other contaminants
  • Keeps assets clean and attractive
  • 24 hours to full cure, and low odour, hence suitable for application in busy retail environments with minimal disruption 


  • Barrier against water, oily substances and chewing gum
  • Resists substrate penetration of most types of contaminants
  • Allows fast and cost effective removal of contaminants
  • Low VOC
  • Vapour permeable film
  • Invisible – does not change the appearance of the original surface

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