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Quantum® V92

An unsurpassed technology, Quantum® V92 two pack fluoropolymer topcoat is designed to deliver superior weathering and gloss retention in areas of extreme UV radiation.


QUANTUM® V92 imparts a premium quality finish for high demand areas such as commercial facades, road and rail infrastructure, retail complexes, high rise offices and apartments. The long exterior durability of QUANTUM® V92 reduces cost for the asset owner by significantly extending the time maintenance is required.
QUANTUM® V92, when fully cured, exhibits excellent graffiti resistance and is ideal for public areas prone to graffiti attack such as sporting facilities, public transport and retail facades.

Available Colours


  • Reduces maintenance cost by significantly extending the time between maintenance cycles
  • Created to deal with Australia and New Zealand’s high UV environments
  • Easy application via spray, brush and roller
  • Available in a large range of Dulux and AS 2700 colours


  • Outstanding gloss and colour retention on exterior exposure
  • Excellent graffiti resistance
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Gloss or satin finish
  • Available in tintable bases

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