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Durepon® 66

DUREPON® 66 is a two pack epoxy holding primer. It can keep the surface free from corrosion for several months, in a C3 environment, before the steel is ready to be cleaned and coated.

DUREPON® 66 shows excellent dry time at the recommended dry film thickness and is compatible a wide range of finishes including epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic, epoxy, polyurea, polyurethane and conventional alkyd topcoats.

Compliant for use in potable water (AS/NZS 4020:2018) when used in conjunction with a certified coating system. 


DUREPON® 66 is recommended as a holding primer over freshly abrasive blast cleaned steel. The coated steel is effectively protect against corrosion during transport and storage, for months in environment equal to or less than C3, until it is ready to be cleaned and painted according to specifications. 


  • Prefabrication holding primer
  • Protects steel from corrosion for an extended period
  • Compatible with a wide range of single and two pack coatings

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