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Quantum V90 provides the perfect finish for Canberra light rail

Quantum V90 provides the perfect finish for Canberra light rail

The Canberra Metro light rail system demonstrates what steel can achieve for both design and functionality in infrastructure. For the light posts and shelters lining the 12-kilometre transport corridor, the project architects wanted a 'perfect' steel finish that was low maintenance and blended into the bush environment.

A high gloss fluoropolymer topcoat, Quantum V92 was the key to Dulux Protective Coatings' multi-product solution. It is recommended for projects requiring a premium quality finish in high demand areas, including commercial facades, road and rail infrastructure, retail complexes, high rise offices and apartments.

Adam Hockey is Dulux PC's Business Development Executive for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). He says Quantum V92 was chosen for its long term colour retention and UV protection qualities.

"Fluoropolymer technology is becoming more popular for infrastructure projects in Australia because of the extreme UV radiation and the extended maintenance periods desired by asset managers," Adam explains.

"Quantum offers excellent durability and graffiti resistance, so it can reduce maintenance costs," he says.

Quantum V92 was factory made to match 'Bronze Pearl' metallic colour from the Dulux Powder Coatings Duratec Eternity range. The colour was selected to blend in with Canberra's 'bush capital' environment.

"A 'perfect' finish is not normally achieved in steel fabrication, so the fabricators employed automotive coatings applicators to achieve the final finish," Adam says.

The galvanised and mild steel elements received slightly different treatments. The galvanised steel was primed with Duremax GPE ZP before the Quantum V92 top coat. Both were both applied at 125 microns dry film thickness. To give the mild steel extra zinc protection, Zincanode 402 was first applied at 75 microns followed by Duremax GPE ZP at 125 microns and Quantum V92 at 75 microns dry film thickness.

The Canberra Metro light rail system commenced operations in 2019, taking passengers between the city and the northern suburb of Gungahlin. The ACT Government is now progressing Stage 2, with the light rail to be extended to Woden, south of the city.

Find out more about Dulux Protective Coating's fluoropolymers range or contact our team to get customised advice about your next project.

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