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Meet Joel Bock: Helping Australian customers win

Meet Joel Bock: Helping Australian customers win

The People Behind the Protection

Dulux Protective Coatings team members explain how they support customers, provide industry leadership and add value to projects all over Australia.

Joel Bock is Western Australia’s Business Development Executive, Mining and Heavy Industrial. He has almost a decade’s experience supporting asset owners and applicators to achieve first class results with Dulux Protective Coatings.

Why do you enjoy being part of the Dulux PC team?

I enjoy working on major Australian projects, with asset owners and applicators who are all striving to deliver the best outcomes. It’s very satisfying to see our coating systems protecting assets all over our great state of WA and across Australia, ensuring they perform and look fantastic over the long term.

How do you help applicators and asset owners meet specification requirements?

I act as a problem solver and work closely with multiple stakeholders. A useful skill of mine is absorbing large amounts of information and factoring it all in when creating solutions.

Mining company assets, government assets, power stations and fuel company assets are all good examples of where strict industry standards must be met in terms of durability, operating conditions and warranties. I also work with the project timelines and budgets my customers need to meet.

As many projects require complex specifications, I collaborate with the wider Dulux PC team to ensure system and product selection is backed by the right technical information.

What are some notable projects you have worked on?

At the Kemerton Lithium Plant north of Bunbury, I worked closely with the site engineers to understand the unique, high alkaline coatings environment, which meant excluding any products containing aluminum paste. I then liaised closely with Dulux PC’s technical team to make sure the selected products and system would deliver long term durability.

My involvement in the Perth Kids’ Bridge project spanned several years and involved close collaboration with the architects, the asset owner and the contractor. To support the project’s success I attended site meetings, maintained open communication with the contractor around quantities, forecasts and timings, and made sure coatings products were available to meet an incredibly tight timeline.

Why do clients in mining and heavy industry sectors choose Dulux PC?

These clients value our ability to tailor systems to their unique environments, which can include extreme temperatures, high UV ratings and chemical exposure.

The schedule of works is also critical in mining and heavy industry. Like all Dulux PC reps, I use my detailed product knowledge to help ensure milestones are met. For example, I can advise which products will deliver quick drying times and the fast return of assets to service.

Clients in these sectors also value Dulux PC’s national distribution network, which enables us to meet tight delivery timelines. At a South Australian mine upgrade, we provided almost 20,000 litres of coatings with no delays, to really tight deadlines. That’s where our local manufacturing – in Dandenong and Merryfield (VIC) and Rocklea (QLD) come to the fore.

In your view, what is Dulux PC’s best product and why?

Weathermax HBR. It is our flagship polyurethane and continues to stand the test of time across Australia – the land of the most extreme UV in the world. It is designed for our conditions and easy to use, even in the harshest of settings. That’s what makes it ideal for mining infrastructure, bridges, tanks and transport vehicles. It also provides outstanding anti-graffiti resistance. It really is the topcoat for every Australian industry.

A good example is the Perth Kids’ Bridge, where Weathermax HBR delivered on all the government specification requirements plus vibrant, durable colour and graffiti resistance.

Tell us something we might not know about you

I am completing a Bachelor of Business Management and have a young daughter who I absolutely adore!

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