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How a trusted system protects Perth's earthmoving machines

How a trusted system protects Perth's earthmoving machines

At Little’s Mechanical in Perth, protecting earthmoving equipment from rust, corrosion and UV is all part of the service, thanks to a trusted relationship with Dulux Protective Coatings and the team’s confidence in our products.

The Little’s team was recently asked to repair and repaint a 10 year old Kubota excavator.

“When this excavator came in, it was looking very ratty,” explains heavy duty mechanic and business owner Brenton Little. “Excavators like this one are hired out to construction sites for months or even years at a time. At the end of the hire period, they need significant repair so that they can be hired out again for the next job.”

Along with mechanical repairs, Brenton provides a repainting service to clients, who value his ability to bring their assets back to “good as new” status.

“If you’re going to pull a machine like this apart to properly repair it, you may as well re-paint it and return it to its former glory!” Brenton says.

Brenton has worked with Dulux Protective Coatings for several years now and is confident in the coatings system recommended to him by Dulux Protective Coatings WA sales rep, Kyle Nesbitt.

A trusted system for hard-working heavy machinery

“I’ve repainted a number of excavators and other machines like pile drivers and drilling rigs. I always use the coatings system Kyle recommended, because it delivers the durability, rust resistance, UV and weather protection these heavy machines need.”

“Earthmoving equipment is stored outside, so it needs a coatings system that will protect against the harsh sun and against rust and corrosion.”

  • First, Brenton spray applies a coat of Durepon EZP at 75 microns. This two pack epoxy primer is enhanced with zinc phosphate pigment to provide corrosion protection on mild steel.
  • Next, a second and third coat of Luxathane HPX are spray applied at 50 microns per coat. This high performance, recoatable polyurethane offers a stunning, high gloss finish with long term durability.

“The Luxathane delivers a beautiful, long wearing gloss finish which makes a machine like the Kubota excavator look a million bucks!” says Brenton.

Colour range helps achieve the desired result

Brenton has repaired and repainted heavy machinery and light earthmoving equipment from a range of manufacturers including Caterpillar, WesTrac and Kubota.

“In general, I try to use colours from the existing Dulux PC range but get these as close as possible to the original manufacturer’s colours. That way, if we need to re-paint a single panel down the track, it’s easy to match it.”

For the Kubota excavator, Kyle colour matched the Kubota grey to ensure it was as close to the original as possible.

“We already had the Kubota orange in our system, so that was easy to provide,” explains Kyle.

A tried and tested system for consistently stunning results

For Brenton Little, the repaint and repair of earthmoving equipment for either hire or re-sale is an important part of his business.

“I’ve done quite a few repair and repaint jobs now using the Dulux Protective Coatings system and I’ve never seen any rust come through,” Brenton says. “The coatings also take the knocks that are inevitable for machines like excavators. I’ve been very impressed with the good-looking, long-wearing results I get from using Durepon EZP and Luxathane HPX.”

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